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What is ‘telegram groups’; It is a group feature in telegram, which is a mobile application based on security and fast communication. There are 400 million users around the world. Your phone number is not shared with anyone in Telegram. It is easy to use; its interface is simple and totally free. One of the most efficient features of the Telegram application is that you can synchronize and use the same account on multiple devices (mobile, tablet and computer). While providing voice communication with end-to-end encryption, it also allows you to transfer files in many formats (pictures, music, documents, etc.) in mass groups with a capacity of 200,000 people. 

You can use Telegram on your smart mobile phones (iOs 6 and above, Android 4.1 and above), tablets and computers through the telegram application. If you wish, you can also start to use the telegram desktop application for Windows, MacOs and Linux. 


Install the telegram application from the platform suitable for your current device, open the application and start the installation. After sharing your current mobile phone number with the application, write the SMS code sent to your phone on the screen that appears. Next step is to add your name, surname and profile picture (optional), and the application is ready to use. You can come to the menu interface and start a new channel, create a new group or start a new chat. 

telegram group can range from 2 to 200,000 people. Groups are generally used to share messages and files for user communities such as families, friend groups, co-operations. You can pin the important messages in a group at the top, determine whether new users can see the past messages or not, open the group to everyone, and choose the people you want as the administrator of the group. 


Creating groups in Telegram is quite easy. 


For Android, you can create “New Group” by pressing the round pencil icon in the Chat section. 


After starting a new chat for IOS, you can create “New Group” by clicking the icon on the top right corner. 


With Telegram desktop application, you can create “New Group” from the menu on the top left corner. 

A telegram group is a platform that can be used by up to 200,000 participants and where each participant can share messages and files. 


A telegram channel, on the other hand, is a crowded platform, but it consists of communities where only authorized people can share posts and normal users can only view these posts. 

When you come to the search part on the device you use and type the name of the group you want to join, you will see the three most suitable groups for you. If you find the group you are looking for, you click on the “Join Group” tab and you will have joined the group. For the best telegram groups 2020, you can join thousands of groups for free and immediately on our site. 


You can also add other users to your group by creating an invitation link. When you click the Add Members option from the Group Information screen and select the Invite to Group option, you create an invitation link. Other users can join your group using this link. Unless you cancel this invitation link, anyone with the telegram application can use it.

After entering our website www.telegramgruplari.comyou can easily start the process by clicking the “Add Free” tab on the top panel. If you are a member of our site, you should log in, or if you are not, you should continue with the register link. After completing the login procedure, you will easily add your group to our site once you enter the information such as group name, group type, group category, group description, e-mail address and your telegram group link. 

How to find telegram groups? You can easily join the groups at our website. To do this, firstly log in to our website www.telegramgruplari.com. If you are not a member, you can become a member in approximately forty-five seconds. Then click on the category title you want among many categories (friendship, business, movie, technology, game, etc.) on the “Telegram Groups ” tab in the top panel, review the groups under that category and click the “Join Group” option, thus you will complete the process with a few clicks. 

There is an undeniable competition among instant messaging applications. Let’s look through the differences between the two leading names in this field, WhatsApp and Telegram. 


The most important factors in one-to-one messaging application should undoubtedly be privacy and security. Let’s examine these two applications by taking it into consideration. 


End-to-end encryption feature is standard in every chat on WhatsApp, but this option is only active in secret chats in Telegram application. The most important feature that puts Telegram forward here is the self-destruction of the messages you choose at the end of a period specified by you. 


Secret chats are used for conversations that need to be more private than a normal conversation. End-to-end encryption is used. Only the recipient and sender can view the messages used in this chat type. If either party wants to delete the chat, the other party will also be asked to delete this chat. 


After starting a new chat for IOs, you can use the “New Secret Chat” tab, and for Android, swipe right to use the “New Secret Chat” option. 

Telegram is an application that has a vision of providing both fast and secure communication. Studies have been performed for this purpose and it continues to develop day by day. The application, which has the MTProto protocol, tested based on the time parameter, guarantees you privacy and security. 

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